Since the year 2000 we are celebrating Handel's birthday in his home town Halle with a large Messiah choir performance. 450 singers from near and far come togther for rehearsal, performance and celebreation.

The historical city center of Halle is the perfect setting for this. Visitors can visit Handel's house of birth and the market church, where he was baptised and learned to play the organ.

Happy Birthday Händel 2024

From 22 - 24/02/2024 we will celebrate Happy Birthday Händel as usual, with a performance of the oratory Messiah, conducted by Proinnsías O'Duinn and the Staatskapelle Halle. More here

Happy Birthday Händel 2023

On 25th February 2023, we held "Happy Birthday Handel" with Messiah. However, "Choir Music from near and far" and a celebration at the Handel monument was enjoyed. 

Halleluja Händel Halle 2023

After we carried out the first "Hallelujah Handel" very successfully in 2018,  we are planning a continuation at the end of September 2023. More here.

Messiah in the Street in Dublin, 2023

Sing along at Messiah in the Street in Dublin, 12-15 April 2022. Conducted by Proinnsías O'Duinn.
More here.


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Impressions past events
- Happy Birthday Händel 2020
- Hallelujah Händel 2018

Händel's hometown Halle

Welcome to Halle, hometown of Händel. Enjoy the Handel House of birth, the Market Church and many other sites.